List of Outstanding Reviewers Award in 2022
  • List of Outstanding Reviewers Award in 2022

    List of the 3rd Outstanding Reviewers Award of "Laboratory Animal and Comparative Medicine "

    Du Xiaoyan

    Capital Medical University School of Basic Medicine

    Li Hua

    Shanghai Yinuosi Biotechnology Co., Ltd

    Wei Qiang

    Institute of Experimental Animal Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

    Zheng Heping

    The 900th Hospital of the Joint Logistics Support Force of the People's Liberation Army

    Chen Hongjun

    Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute

    Cui Donghong

    Shanghai Mental Health Center/Shanghai Key Laboratory of Severe Mental Disorders

    Di Yanan

    Laboratory Department of Peking University Third Hospital

    Huang Bing

    Eye Science Experimental Animal Center, Sun Yat sen Ophthalmology Center, Sun Yat sen University

    Ji Yinghong

    Ophthalmology Department of Fudan University Affiliated Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital

    Lai Guoqi

    Chongqing Medical University

    Li Li

    Tuberculosis Research Institute of the Eighth Medical Center of the PLA

    Liu Zhonghua

    South China Agricultural University

    Wang Shuangjie

    Shanghai Institute of Family Planning Science, Institute of Reproduction and Development, Fudan University

    Wu Jian

    Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University

    Liu Xiangyun

    Shanghai Institute of Physical Education

    Wang Jing

    Suzhou University Experimental Animal Center

    Wu Jianhui

    Shanghai Institute of Biomedical Technology

    Xie Shuwu

    Shanghai Experimental Animal Research Center

    Zhu Yanbing

    Beijing Friendship Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University

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