•   At present, the journal has established a long-term advertising partnership with more than 10 enterprises, which would promote the exchange and development of China's laboratory animal science and technology industry. In the future, we hope to carry out all-round cooperation with the majority of enterprises in this industry and promote the in-depth integration of industry, academy and research.

      The journal offers advertising services for enterprises related to the reproduction of laboratory animals, management of facilities and production of relevant equipment. The form of advertisement includes flyleaf poster or inside cover of the print journal and new media publicity on our official website. 

      All advertising will be discussed and collectively decided by the editorial office at our meetings. The commercial content will be completely separated from academic content. Advertising will not affect the editors' decision to accept manuscripts. In case of potential conflicts of interest, authors, editors and reviewers will disclose the information in accordance with relevant national regulations and guidelines of COPE and ICMJE.

      Advertising Contact: FU Qunhua
      Tel: 021-50793657
      QQ: 931500871

      Please refer to the Chinese webpage of advertising information for the list of our advertising partners.

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