• Publishing Ethics Statement


    In order to strengthen scientific integrity and academic ethics and build and maintain a fair and just academic exchange platform, Laboratory Animal and Comparative Medicine commits to strictly adhere to and implement national policies and regulations regarding scientific integrity and academic ethics.


    Additionally, to promote international exchange and recognition of research achievements in the field of laboratory animal science and comparative medicine in China, this journal adheres to and follows the international publication ethical standards set by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).


    Therefore, in light of the current situation, the journal makes the following declarations to regulate the behavior of authors, peer reviewers, and journal editors throughout the submission, review, and publication process, and accepts supervision from the academic community:

    1. All submissions must be original works of authors. If previously published materials (such as figures and tables) are used, relevant copyright permission or license must be provided.

    2. The journal objects to serious academic misconduct such as third-party ghostwriting or submission, plagiarism, and falsification (including forgery and tampering). Once discovered, the editorial office will immediately retract the article, and all authors of the paper will be blacklisted.

    3. The journal does not accept duplicate publications (including in different languages), nor does it allow authors to submit the same manuscript to multiple journals (including simultaneous or staggered submissions). The editorial office will strive to expedite the processing of manuscripts. If authors have urgent needs, they can contact the editorial office for assistance at any time.

    4. Authors must confirm authorship and order before submission. All authors are responsible for the scientific integrity of the manuscript. Basic information of all listed authors should be registered at submission. “Authors Contribution” and “Declaration of Interestshould be attached at the end of the manuscript.

    5. If the manuscript has been submitted to other journals, the journal encourages authors to explain the situation and provide previous review comments and modifications (including additional arguments or explanations) at the earliest. Such honest behavior helps to expedite the review and enhance the possibility of acceptance.

    6. The journal implements a strict three-round review. All submissions must go through three stages: preliminary review by the editorial office, external review by peer-review experts, and final review at the finalization meeting presided by the Editor-in-chief before they can be accepted.

    7. Review experts and editors of the journal must treat all submissions fairly and responsibly, without indulgence or bias, striving to maintain the academic reputation of the journal, and should not disclose the research content before the article is published, so as to protect the authors' right of first publication.

    8. If academic misconduct (as defined in “CY/T 174—2019: Publishing Specification - Definition of Academic Misconduct for Journals”) is involved in any submissions, the authors themselves must be responsible. The journal reserves the right to notify the author's affiliation and journals in the same field of authors who have been found to commit academic misconduct.


    Appendix: The latest Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals.

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