Laboratory Animal and Comparative Medicine ›› 2023, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (5): 559-565.DOI: 10.12300/j.issn.1674-5817.2023.075

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Investigation Report on the Production and Utilization Status of Experimental Mini-pigs

Shuzhen ZHANG, Yanguang ZHAO()()   

  1. Shanghai Laboratory Animal Research Center, Shanghai 201023, China
  • Received:2023-06-12 Revised:2023-08-15 Online:2023-10-25 Published:2023-11-01
  • Contact: Yanguang ZHAO


Objective To understand the current situation of the experimental miniature pig industry and promote its good development. Methods Using Questionnaire Star to design the survey content, the survey was conducted by targeted push and voluntary filling. The valid questionnaires collected were classified and summarized by EXCEL2010 software. Results A total of 35 entities participated in the survey, including 12 production entities and 23 user entities. There were 1 623 employees in the 35 entities, 927 (57.11%) with college degree or below, and 696 (42.89%) with bachelor degree or above. The largest number of employees have majors in animal science and animal medicine. The salary level of employees in the production entity is higher than that of the user entity, but the research output (published papers and patents) rate of the user entity in the past 5 years is higher than that of the production entity. The current inventory of miniature pigs in 12 production entities was 5 353, of which 3 471 (64.84%) were Bama pigs and 5 243 (97.95%) were ordinary grade pigs. The vaccination rate of swine fever and foot-and-mouth disease was 100%, and the animal mortality rate of seven entities was ≤3.0%. The profit of ordinary grade miniature pigs was 954 yuan/head, and that of SPF grade miniature pigs was 10 037 yuan/head. Conclusion It is suggested to strengthen market supervision, expand the channels for introducing professional and technical talents, accelerate the research of new quality testing technologies, promote the rapid transformation of miniature pig scientific research achievements, and establish a public service platform to strengthen information communication between supply and demand sides. We hope to work together with our colleagues to jointly promote the normalized, standardized, healthy and stable development of the experimental miniature pig industry.

Key words: Experimental miniature pig, Production and utilization, Investigation report

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